About Becko’s Inc.

About Becko’s Inc.

About Becko’s Inc.

Becko’s Inc. was incorporated in Irvine, California in January 2004 by Brian Moriguchi originally to help US and Japanese companies to build international business operation. Starting with setting up and operating a California subsidiary in July 2005 for a SAP infrastructure maintenance and operation service firm (Tokyo, Japan), Moriguchi served for numerous companies such as a large confectionary, textile, audio device, automotive accessory, cooking device,  sanitizing product and so on.

In 2017, after more than ten years Moriguchi had managed OSP2 as CEO, he started iOS App Development service business in Irvine, California.

Brian Moriguchi, President of Becko’s, Inc. was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. With a business degree from Waseda University and an MBA from California State University of Dominguez Hills, Moriguchi pursued a career in software development and management. Moriguchi worked ten years as a project manager, localization engineer, and engineering manager for companies such as Adobe Systems and Ricoh Silicon Valley before becoming President of Becko’s Inc. in January 2004 and C.E.O. of OSP2 in July 2005.

Becko’s Inc.

  • Incorporated in 2004
  • Address: Irvine,  California 92603 USA
  • Telephone: (949) 870-9543
  • Service Description: iOS app development with Swift
  • CEO: Brian Tatsuya Moriguchi

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