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  • iOS, watchOS app development
  • MVP development for startups
  • Affordable and simple charge
  • Healthcare mobile app expert
  • iOS localization and Japanese bilingual capability
  • Business friendly
  • We’re local to Southern California (Irvine, CA)
  • Also available for projects in Japan

iOS Apps on the App Store

CoronaCast version 1

An app offers the latest stats and news about COVID-19. World-wide stats by John’s Hopkins University REST API and news by REST API

  • Available on iOS13 or later and macOS Catalina or later (MacOS Catalyst)
  • REST API access
  • GET and parse JSON data as Codable
  • CloudKit Push Notifications
  • Opens a specific Tab Bar view from Notification
  • CloudKit data download
  • Notifications badge number update

Poli ToDo version 3

Features Newly Implemented:

  • Available now for MacOS, iPadOS, and iOS
  • Core Data iCloud sync your data among your iPhones, iPads, and Mac via your iCloud account
  • Version 2 data conversion for iCloud sync
  • Task repeat daily, weekdays, or weekly
  • Search tasks with keywords
  • Today’s and Tomorrow’s task list crossing all goals with one click
  • Improved UI workflows
  • Bug fixes

Poli ToDo version 2

Features Newly Implemented:

  • Core Data
  • NSFetchedResultsController
  • Core Data migration (Automatically migrates Poli ToDo Version 1 Core Data to Version 2)
  • Share Extension with Core Data (Create a task for a specific selected goal from Safari browser with its URL link.)
  • EventKit (Schedule a task to iCalendar with task title, associated goal title, any optional URL link. )
  • UI and usability changes-Associate your Vision to your goals.
  • Associate a reward item to your goal or task. (Core Data Relationsihps)
  • Add Reward items with values, i.e. “One-week trip to Tokyo ($2500)” 
  • Add your vision with its detail description, and show it in a goal’s task list view to remind you. (Core Data Relationships)
  • Filter goal types to display by done, not done, or all. (Core Data predicate)
  • Today’s Task List populates tasks to-do per goal. 
  • Click a link icon from Task list opens Safari to display the linked page. 
  • Minor bug fixes

Mind Tracer – Trace Your State of Mind

Features Implemented:

  • iOS Charts – Line chart and Pie chart
  • CoreLocation – LocationManager
  • MapKit
  • Core Data – FetchedResultsController
  • Core Data – Relationships
  • Pre-loading data into Core Data
  • Local Notifications
  • Localization – Japanese
  • UISearchController
  • UIAlertController
  • UserDefaults
  • UIPickerView
  • TableView
  • NavigationController
  • UIActivityController

Haiku Disrupted – Haiku poem auto-generator app

Features Implemented:

  • Core Data-FetchedResultsController
  • Pre-loading data into Core Data
  • UITabBar
  • LaunchScreen
  • AVFoundation-AVAudioPlayer
  • UIImagePickerController
  • UIAlertController
  • UserDefaults
  • AVSpeechSynthesisVoice
  • UIPickerView
  • TableView
  • NavigationController
  • UIActivityController
  • TextToImage function: UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()

Poli ToDo version 1.0 – Personal productivity app

Features Implemented:

  • Core Data with Relationships
  • TableView
  • Navigation Controller
  • UIAlertView
  • UIPickerView
  • Local Notifications
  • Progress Bar
  • Localizaiton
  • KeyChainPassword
  • deviceOwnerAuthenticationWithBiometrics
  • QuartzCore
  • Animation
  • UIDatePicker
  • AVFoundation